Flower Maniac

My First Shopify App!

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About the Project

Flower Maniac is a full e-commerce website. The inventory, which is expandable, can be filtered on multiple variables. Included on the main page are feature sections for the featured collection, blog posts, and social media highlight for instagram. It was very important to me to make sure the mobile version came out looking exactly right, but the desktop version also had to open up to facilitate shopping as well.

This store has a lot of features to showcase your products. The mega menus, side drawers, and color swaths are per the design specs. Check out the video above for a Walkthrough of the site.


09 March 2022

My Role

A full site set up. From top to bottom I used a premium shopify 2.0 theme to get started and then removed pretty much everything preset up. This allowed us to customize the user experience specifically for Flower Manias.

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Mobile First


Feature Collection

Desktop Display


Feature Collection

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Multiple Pieces Modeled at Once

We have options for highlighting more than one merchandise item at a time.

  • Show what your products could look like combined.

  • Be original.

  • Wow, with confidence.