Landing Page Mockup

collage of blue based images from secret galaxy

About the Project

Mobile first development was the focus on this project. First we were required to create a clean, friendly mobile design. This it was necessary to translate that mobile design into a full desktop layout preserving the original intent while adding to the look where it needed to be fleshed out.

As a landing page this was all about the sale. But we didn't want the sign up buttons to dominate the viewers experience. So the design was a middle ground with content coming first follwed by natural looking calls to action.


27 Feb 2022S

My Role

The basis design was given to us. but we had to implement the design and create an easy transition from mobile to full screen.

Device Gallery

Mobile First


Sales Section

Desktop Display

Sales Section

Bio Section

Mobile First

Resize from Full Screen

Fluid transitions from mobile to full screen.

  • Have a clean look in mobile and desktop.

  • Make it pop.

  • Do it right the first time.